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There are moments in life when we feel a complete sense of happiness and endless joy. The German jewellery manufacturer Wellendorff is expert at lovingly uniting perfection and precision to create pieces of jewellery that gift us with exactly this feeling – day after day. The family-run business has created a third dimension to their jewellery – in addition to the value and design, the special feeling of their items against the skin makes the difference. Soft and gentle as a wisp of silk. 

Wellendorff Novelties

Armband Umarme Mich Regenbogen

„Das Leben ist wie ein Regenbogen. Man braucht die Sonne und Regen, um die Farben sehen zu können.“ Diese Botschaft sendet das Armband UMARME MICH Regenbogen.

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Wellendorffs Colier Ozean
Collier Ozean

„Der Ozean ist alles, was ich sein will. Wunderschön, geheimnisvoll, wild und frei." Diese Botschaft sendet das Collier OZEAN von Wellendorff.

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Wellendorffs Ring Regenbogen
Ring Zart und Danke Für. Regenbogen

Bunte Regenbogenfarben in Kombination mit 18-karätigem Gelbgold und funkelnden Brillanten stehen für innere Kraft und Zuversicht.

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Wellendorff’s Jewellery

“Take only the best of everything: gold and diamonds, goldsmiths, and tools and you create the finest jewellery for the most sophisticated of jewellery lovers around the world.”
– Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, 1893

Wellendorffs Kollektion Amulette

Amulets and Rondels

Versatile amulets and colourful, diamond-set rondels make loving additions to the Wellendorff Rope and enhance the sparkle of your necklace.

The Wellendorff Necklace

The Wellendorff Rope is made of 18-karat gold as soft and smooth as silk, fashioned using a technique developed over 43 years ago by Hanspeter Wellendorff: gossamer-thin gold wire is coiled by hand many times over to create a necklace. Light as the caress of a wisp of silk: The Wellendorff Rope is the brand's best-known piece of jewellery. The blend of apparent opposites is enchanting: its hard metal has become as soft as silk.

Lohri und Wellendorff Collier
Wellendorffs Kollektion Ring

The spinning Wellendorff Ring

Characteristic of the Wellendorff rings is the glistening, colourful Wellendorff cold enamel that fills three levels of intricate engraving. High-precision goldsmithing has allowed Wellendorff to create a special feature that the wearers of this jewellery love: The inner ring can be rotated smoothly and playfully.


A smooth caress against the wrist: with as many facets as the wearer, the bracelets stand out for their understated elegance and glistening play of gold and diamonds.

Wellendorff Regenbogen Kollektion Armband
Wellendorffs Kollektion Ohrringe


The secret of Wellendorff earrings is in their ability to suit any style.

Genuine Comfort

Wellendorff has created a third dimension to their jewellery – in addition to the value and design, the special feeling of the items against the skin has made a decisive difference.

Lohri und Wellendorff
Lohri und Wellendorff
Lohri und Wellendorff
Lohri und Wellendorff

Giving joy and protection

A message of deep feelings and the highest level of goldsmithing: Wellendorff’s creations remind us of the importance of jewellery that extends far beyond the material value and has a centuries-old tradition.

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