Father-daughter duo with a passion for perfection and elegance

The family-run Danish manufacturer Ole Lynggaard enchants jewellery lovers around the world with its alluring design. The distinctive Scandinavian look perfectly complements Lohri’s jewellery collection. Ole Lynggaard succeeds in transfusing jewellery with pure elements of nature in a delicate and elegant way; animals, flowers, leaves and branches are turned into immortal talismans. Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard design pieces in which every creation and every precious stone receives full attention. From the vivid amber or the much-loved rutile quartz to the colourful tourmaline – Ole Lynggaard is master in working with precious stones and setting center stage for their individuality. 

Ole Lynggaard Novelties

Ole Lynggaard Ring Boho
BoHo Ring Medium

Der von Charlotte Lynggaard entworfene BoHo Ring Medium ist aus Gelbgold gefertigt und mit einem 8,3 Karat großen blauen Aquamarin und 5 handgefassten Diamanten bestückt.

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Ole Lynggaard Ring Boho
BoHo Ring Large

Der von Charlotte Lynggaard entworfene BoHo Ring Large ist aus Gelbgold gefertigt und mit einem 38 Karat großen hellen kerzenroten Turmalin und 8 handgefassten Diamanten besetzt.

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Ole Lynggaard Ring Boho
BoHo Ring Double

Der Doppelring BoHo ist aus Gelbgold gefertigt und mit einem Rutilquarz und einem grünen Turmalin und 5 handgefassten Diamanten besetzt.

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Discover a wide range of delicate jewellery that fits every occasion. Delicate creations, expressive statement pieces or poetic compositions portraying flora and fauna – these wonderful designs have been handmade by master craftsmen in 18k gold and sterling silver with precious stones and diamonds. 

Ole Lynggaard Kollektion Boho

The BoHo Collection

The collection is the beginning of an extraordinary new line by Charlotte Lynggaard. Inspiration is found in the Art Nouveau period, the Bohemian lifestyle, and Mother Nature's wonders.

The bold and bulky, chic pieces are lavish creations, crafted by hand in their artisan's workshop; individually shaped, set with unique gemstones and precious diamonds, and all mounted in 18k gold.

The Shooting Star Collection

Create your own luck with Charlotte Lynggaard’s delicate Shooting Stars. Designed to be worn in clusters or shining bright in solitude. Shooting Stars are crafted from 18k gold and embellished with scintillating white diamonds.

The collection started with one unique show piece, but grew alongside the growing demand for Charlotte Lynggaard’s delicate diamond-starred jewellery

Ole Lynggaard Kollektion Shooting Start
Ole Lynggaard Kollektion Elephant

The Elephant Collection

Ever since his youth, Ole Lynggaard has been fascinated with the gracious movements of elephants. Developing various elephant designs over the years, the brand founder was proud to introduce the collection of naturalistic elephant pendants at his 80th anniversary in 2016. All crafted from 18k gold and crisp white diamonds.

The Lotus Collection

Charlotte Lynggaard’s lifelong romance with precious stones of rare hues is poetically expressed in her collection of divine flowers exuding femininity and natural grace. Designed to be worn in single splendour or in a bouquet of contrasting tones. 

Lotus rings are stackable, and earrings are changeable creating a versatile expression. Rings come in five different sizes, from the delicate Lotus 0 to the grand Lotus 4.

Ole Lynggaard Kollektion Lotus
Ole Lynggaard Kollektion Forest

The Forest Collection

On her numerous walks in the forest right outside her home, Charlotte Lynggaard always feels overwhelmed by the exquisite aesthetics of nature. The intricate Forest designs salute the soft appealing graphics of Art Nouveau and Art Deco with sculptural leaves, delicate twigs, intertwining branches, and elaborately diamond-paved sprouts set in 18k gold.

Close to nature and modern

Ole Lynggaards filigree flora and fauna designs captivate jewellery lovers all around the globe. The brand pays special attention to the versatile and multifaceted lives of women – this is reflected in the playful pieces of jewellery that can be demounted and worn in alternative ways depending on the occasion or mood. 

Ole Lynggaard und Lohri
Ole Lynggaard und Lohri
Ole Lynggaard und Lohri
Ole Lynggaard und Lohri

Attention to Detail

Beautiful jewellery design requires expert attention. At Ole Lynggaard the designers and goldsmiths work together harmoniously to bring to life the natural movement of animals and the artful details of flowers, leaves and branches. As a team, these experts set the standards for impeccable craftsmanship.

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