The Artisan of Emotions since 1860

Chopard’s infinite creativity is reflected in iconic collections that radiate happiness and joy. The Scheufele family leads the Maison with a marvelous newness and lives a vision of sustainable luxury by actively taking ethical and ecological responsibility.
Independence, boldness and artistry are values we share with Chopard that enrich our collaboration. Chopard’s jewellery is made for lovers of high-end creations with tremendous positivity and joie de vivre!

Chopard Novelties

My Happy Hearts

Ethical rose gold ring with a diamond.

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My Happy Hearts

Ethical white gold necklace with diamonds.

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My Happy Hearts

Ethical rose gold earrings with carnelian.

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A boundless creative daring is the cornerstone of Maison Chopard.

Chopard Kollektion Happy Diamonds bei Lohri

Happy Diamonds

Happy Diamonds creations are as daring as they are playful, with their iconic dancing diamonds gently moving and twirling between two sapphire crystals, symbolising an authentic touch of Joie de Vivre and a truly free spirit. Little diamonds do great things.

Happy Hearts

The core values of Chopard – the Maison with a big heart – have always been generosity and caring for others. A perfect combination of Chopard’s talisman heart and emblematic moving diamonds, the Happy Hearts collection unites all the world’s big-hearted women. Little diamonds do great things.

Chopard Kollektion Happy Hearts bei Lohri

Emotion and Values

Impelled by a boundless passion for beauty and life, Chopard conveys a unique emotional dimension through the spirit of the Maison itself as well as in its precious objects. This applies as much to the wearer as the giver. Pleasure and Joie de Vivre are an inherent part of the Maison and ensure that Chopard creations consistently radiate positive energy, thus accompanying customers in the finest moments of their lives. 

Lohri und Chopard
Lohri und Chopard
Lohri und Chopard
Lohri und Chopard


For Chopard, genuine luxury is synonymous with Ethics as well as with environmental and social responsibility, at all levels of its activity and with regard to its employees, its suppliers, its customers and indeed the planet itself. The Maison adopts an ethical approach to its activities that involves controlling the origin of the raw materials it uses as well as production methods – all of which is achievable because of its complete independence and vertical integration.

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