Serafino Consoli – Versatility to Fall in Love with

Exceptionally charming pieces of jewellery with astonishing inventiveness. Serafino Consoli seems to achieve the impossible in perfection; Jewels made of fine gold, precious diamonds and sapphires whose sizes can be changed freely to enhance our look according to our mood. Mesmerizing diamond rings that easily turn into light and playful bangles. See it to believe it!

Serafino Consoli Novelties

Bracelet Brevetto Classic

Dieses Armband aus Weissgold und 5 Reihen weissen Diamanten schmiegt sich an jedes Handgelenk an.

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Serafino Brevetto Ring

Dieses Schmuckstück aus Roségold und 3 Reihen weissen Diamanten aus der Classic-Kollektion ist der Ring für jeden Finger.

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Serafino Consoli bei Lohri Ring
Serafino New
S.RB 1492 F4 RG WD

Dieses Schmuckstück aus Roségold und 5 Reihen weissen Diamanten lässt sich einfach von Ring zu Armband verwandeln.

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Creations that will astonish you

Nowadays, inventiveness and talent are enhanced by technology. The 42000 welding points and 988 components are essential in order to offer you the Serafino Consoli collection in all its uniqueness. The brand treats each jewel as a unique artwork in order to astonish you, move you and win you over with a simple touch. All the collections are protected by Patents.

Serafino Consoli Kollektion

The Brevetto Collection

These jewels are extraordinary, beautiful, precious and unique. But they are also durable and safe.

The earrings, bangles, pendants and rings from The Brevetto Collection can be freely adjusted to all sizes. 

The Serafino Collection

A ring that turns into a bracelet, two different ways of wearing this piece of jewelry! Created by the skilled hands of master craftsmen, these pieces are ambassadors of Made in Italy at its best. 

Serafino Consoli Kollektion

Every Woman’s Dream

Serafino Consoli makes women’s dreams come true: a ring that transforms into a bracelet, an earring or pendant that can instantly be made larger. Every piece of jewellery by Serafino Consoli can be adjusted according to individual preferences while always remaining timelessly elegant. 

Serafino Consoli bei Lohri
Serafino Consoli bei Lohri
Serafino Consoli bei Lohri
Serafino Consoli bei Lohri

One Size Fits All

Serafino Consoli has mastered the art of creating jewellery that everyone can wear: It is the perfect gift if you are looking for something luxurious without knowing the exact size needed. Women who want to be able to wear their rings on different fingers or whose ring size fluctuates favour these super-adjustable rings by Serafino Consoli. 

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